Membership application

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Benefits of membership

  • Mentoring Programme
  • Keys to Achievement Programme
  • Networking
  • Fellowship

Top Ten Benefits of BPW Membership

  • Friendships. Form lasting bonds with wonderful women
  • A Legislative Voice. Receive meaningful legisla­tive information and updates on important work-life issues. Our focus is on improving the envi­ronment for working women. We have lobbied on issues such as Student Loans, Employment Relations, Prostitution Law Reform, Pay Equity, and Paid Parental Leave.
  • Women Helping Women. Get involved and make a difference.
  • Scholarships for Working Women. BPW pro­vides local and national scholarships for ‘second chance’ education.
  • Networking. As working women we face similar challenges and joys in the pursuit of a balance between our professional and working lives. Our members provide each other with support and success strategies that help us grow and change.
  • Leadership Training. We work to expand the leadership capacity of our members to enable them to make influential contributions to their community locally, nationally and internation­ally. BPW believes that increasing the number and quality of women leaders improves our abil­ity to make life better for all women.
  • Opportunity for Advancement. Gain experience at the local and national levels, with mentors to help you every step of the way.
  • Personal Development. BPW offers a suppor­tive environment where women can work to­gether to grow and develop. Our members learn assertiveness, gain self-confidence, find ideas and support, benefit from mentoring and gain encouragement and inspiration from the experi­ence and achievements of fellow members and a wide range of guest speakers.
  • Travel. BPW offers events all over New Zealand and internationally.
  • Programs and Meetings. Our Clubs meet monthly for dinner and hear from inspirational speakers on a range of subjects of interest to workingwomen

Keys to Achievement

Keys to Achievement

Keys to Achievement (KTA) is a personal and professional development program designed to challenge members of BPW to work through a structured series of tasks to develop key business and career skills as well as enhance your knowledge and commitment to BPW.
BPW founder, Lena Madison Phillips challenged us 75 years ago to build a future together and see what we can create.

Keys to Achievement is about learning and leading together in an encouraging environment to
see what we can create. It is also about building a stronger organisation that benefits its members and the wider community.

Therefore the program aims to develop leaders. Leaders, who are willing to learn, contribute, act, organise, be passionate and compassionate, and make a difference in our community. To me, this is what BPW Development is all about, helping each other develop and achieve our professional potential.

KTA is an opportunity waiting for you to seize it with both hands to learn more about yourself as a leader and team player, and contribute to this great international organisation. I encourage all BPW members to participate in the program, not only will you benefit through enhancing your leadership skills and achieving the different accreditations, but I assure you, the journey will just as much fun.

Membership dues

  • General Annual Membership Fee $100.00
  • Joining Fee for new members $20.00
  • New members joining after July 1st $70.00 and $20.00 joining fee.
  • Student Fee (Over 18 years) $50.00
  • Under 18 years $20.00

click here to display/download the APPLICATION for MEMBERSHIP form pdf file

Mentoring Programme

The BPW NZ Individual Mentoring Programme provides opportunities for women to develop and extend the skills and knowledge they need to move forward in theirs working lives. The programme is voluntary, infor­mal and based on utilizing the wealth of skills and experience available amongst our own membership

The Aim of the Mentoring Programme

To develop the personal skills and leadership abilities of women at all levels

BPW Mentoring is …

  • A mutually beneficial partnership between a mentor giving advice and a mentee/protégé seeking advice
  • A relationship characterized by respect, appreciation and trust
  • A programme that uncovers competencies in women making them more visible
  • A process that creates female role models for women
  • A framework to encourage women to achieve their career and per­sonal goals by sharing skills and experience

The benefits of mentoring for Protégés

  • Increase in confidence and self esteem
  • Personal growth and support in achieving goals
  • Advancement of knowledge, networking and communication skills
  • Increased clarity in personal direction and development of ideas
  • Development of skills to enable better career prospects and choices
  • Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking

The benefits of mentoring for Mentors

  • Development of management, leadership and communication skills
  • Opportunity for exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Helping develop and support future leaders for tomorrow
  • Personal satisfaction in making a contribution through sharing your ideas and experiences

The Programme is …

  • Open to any BPW member
  • Members sharing knowledge, skills and experience with members
  • A self development programme focused on goal setting, identification of options for achieving them, and guidance and advice from the Mentor
  • Flexible and needs based (could have more than one mentor depend­ing on the skills and/or timeframe required)
  • Short term, structured, voluntary and free

It is not…

  • Counseling
  • Life coaching
  • A guarantee of sponsorship or employment

Protégés are …

  • BPW members
  • Women entering their first job, changing jobs, returning to the work force
  • Women who want to extend their skills in a particular area

Mentors are …

  • Committed BPW members who volunteer to share their particular knowledge, skill, expertise and friendship with another member
  • Motivated to support other women and thereby contribute to the goal of BPW to promote and achieve equal opportunities for women at all levels

Participation requirements for Mentors and Protégés

    • Must be a financial member of


      • Must be a financial member of BPW
      • Must have completed the club membership induction programme, or have been a member for at least one year
      • Participation is voluntary, honorary and therefore, free of charge
      • Expenses (e.g. telephone or travel costs) are paid by the protégé
      • Completion of a mentoring agreement to clarify expectations and goals of the protégés and mentor
      • Must preserve the privacy and confidentiality of all exchanges of infor­mation and not share that information with anyone else with the ex­press prior consent of the individual concerned

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